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I was having trouble with furniture placement after moving from a three bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment. My closets and other storage spaces were pretty much "organized", though I got some new ideas from Victoria in those areas too. Getting back to the furniture... Victoria moved a few items around in my living room and bedroom and made my apartment look great. She is definitely talented in that she listens to what you want and then combines her learned knowledge about space organizing with common sense. I am so happy with the results. I may even have a housewarming party now!

Active Client


Smiling College Students

We just wanted to say again how much we appreciated your help.  You were knowledgeable, confident and quick.  We could never have accomplished all that we did without your direction and hard work.  Very best wishes for your continued success. 

Past Clients

Elaine & Dick


This is the second move I have worked with Victoria and her team.  I will never move again without her. I'm a working, single mom, so I didn't have a ton of time to pack up my house. They took so much stress off my plate. For my second move, they packed up my entire house in 2 days, which was amazing. On the backend, they took such care to help get my house ready for my son to come home in about 1.5 days. Unbelievable. Victoria is a straight-shooter, she's thoughtful and her ideas just make so much sense. I can't say enough good things about her services!! She will make your life better, I promise.

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"Victoria is a master of creating order out of chaos. I hired Victoria to assist me in packing my house and cleaning out my garage when I moved to Nashville from Seattle. I had a garage filled with stuff that needed to be cleaned out prior to my move. Victoria's clear focus on what needed to be done, what I should keep and what items to donate to Goodwill was immensely helpful.  Her firm and kind approach got me through a tough transition.  She also helped me pack the house.  She was very organized, detail oriented and great, once again, on what to eliminate and what to keep.  She is a pleasure to work with, has a great sense of humor and works very hard to get a project completed in a timely manner. I would hire Victoria in a heartbeat."

Active Client



“Thank you Victoria. It is so nice to be able to go away and know that the kids, the house, the dog, and all the chaos we’ve left behind are well cared for in your capable hands. You’re a gem!”

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“Victoria is someone who I can rely on to create order out of chaos! She organized our home, our bills, and ran some much needed errands…she is very proactive about getting the job done and done well!”

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“Victoria is possibly the most organized person I’ve ever met. Her strengths lie in organization, planning, and just getting the job done efficiently. I’ve known her almost my entire life, and I never cease to be amazed by her common sense when it comes to running a household and interacting with people!”

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She steps right in and if asked (I always ask), will assume the role of alpha female. I then have a chance to relax. Her years of experience caring for children also make her a great resource. When questions come up about child rearing, we have found her to have a lot of practical and no nonsense advise. I recommend Vic without reservation to anyone who needs a little help or in our case a lot of help. GOT IT, GET IT, GOOD!

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Victoria began with our family just as we moved to the area in 2005. She immediately set to work getting us all oriented to the area, making fabulous introductions to friends and other contractors, including a handyman, window cleaner, housekeeper and carpet cleaner. When our things arrived from the East Coast, Victoria was there to help us get moved in and unpacked in record time. In a nutshell, she was a godsend.... For parties, Vic is scrupulously detail-oriented and organized with a creative flair that adds a special “something” to the parties she plans. Her many personal touches lend a welcome touch to the events, all the while paying close attention to budget concerns. Although she quite competently handles each and every arrangement, she maintains close communication with the hosts to ensure each detail is executed in accord with your expectations.

Active Client

Christy & John

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